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If you have suffered a fall or accident or a personal injury and are wondering what is involved in bringing a claim, we at Purtill Solicitors will guide you through the stages involved in making a claim.

Injuries arising from a road traffic incident or an accident at work can be traumatic and if another party is at fault then a claim for personal injuries might arise. The first step is to establish fault or liability by the other party. The second step to deal with is called quantum, this relates to how much compensation is due. Quantum itself is divided into two areas

General Damages which include compensation for an injury
Special Damages which relate to out of pocket expenses such as loss of earnings, medical bills and even travel expenses

A claim is initially submitted to the Injuries Board who will provide a 90 day period for the respondent and/or their insurers to agree to the assessment process. If this is forthcoming then the Board will carry out their own assessment within the usual period of 9 months, which in turn can be extended by a further 6 months. If the claim cannot be concluded or resolved under the ambit of the Injuries Board then an authorisation is issued allowing the injured party to issue court proceedings.

Our expertise and experience in the area ensures that your case is dealt with in the fastest possible time while ensuring that the maximum benefit is achieved.

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.