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The breakdown of a marriage or a relationship can be a traumatic rollercoaster made even worse by uncertainty as to what your rights are and where you stand in the eyes of the Law.

Relationship and family issues are commonly very emotional and distressing. It is important you have sound legal advice that explains your options and helps you to make the right decisions.

At Purtill Solicitors we will guide you through the legal issues and problems that arise. This is a strictly confidential service where we will listen to you and set out your options in a clear and practical way.

We focus on achieving the best outcome for our clients in a quick and cost efficient manner as well as ensuring that you are aware of the costs involved at each stage before you proceed.

We have experience in a wide variety of legal services including handling children issues and complex financial arrangements.

Family law requires a balance between the need to manage client's expectations, and understanding the client's needs while at all times seeking to find solutions in a practical and non-confrontational environment.

We always encourage our clients to find a solution to their marital difficulties if at all possible in ease of themselves and their children, and to reduce costs.

Aoife Thornton is a trained Mediator and skilled in the practise of Family Law Mediation.

For further information and advice or to make an appointment please call or email Aoife Thornton at 068 28766 or email info@purtillsolicitors.com