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Are you a buying a house?

This is probably the single largest purchase of your life.
We at Purtill Solicitors understand the enormity fear, and stress of the transaction for you.

We are skilled in advising you on the steps involved in the purchase process. Purchasing property in rural Ireland is often not straight forward, however with our expertise we aim to make the move an exciting prospect for you.

For advice on the process involved in purchasing a house
please call 068 28766 or info@purtillsolicitors.com

Are you thinking of selling your property ?

You have more than likely experienced the legal procedure involved in purchasing a property. The sale of a property can be equally as stressful a transaction for the seller as the buyer, however we at Purtill Solicitors pride ourselves on direct and open communication with our clients at all stages of the process to ensure a smooth and stress free experience.

If you would like advise on selling your property please call
068 28766 or info@purtillsolicitors.com

Farming and Agriculture

All of the solicitors at Purtill Solicitors are "of farming stock", therefore we understand the demands, concerns and priorities of today's farmers.

If you are buying, selling, financing or transferring agricultural land or leasing farmland. Call Margarita Purtill on 068 28766 or info@purtillsolicitors.com for advice on the most tax efficient and straightforward way of putting your instructions in place.

Commercial property

Any property which is not the house you live in, is considered commercial property. Whether it is your business a pub, a holiday home or apartments, shop units or properties you rent, we can look after your requirements.

We have vast knowledge of advising in bank refinancing, disputes with leases, dealing with licensing matters as well as buying and selling businesses.

For further information and advice or to make an appointment please call Margarita Purtill on 068 28766 or email or info@purtillsolicitors.com


Given the delicate property market and the uncertainty surrounding property values, auctions have become an extremely popular way of selling all types of property.

Purchasing property at an auction requires thorough preparation well in advance of auction day. When you buy it, you have bought it, warts and all. The property and the title should be inspected in advance. The services of an engineer/surveyor should be engaged to inspect and thereafter prepare a report on the property's structure and planning.

An inspection of title not only relates to the title itself but also an inspection and evaluation of the terms and conditions contained within the Contract for Sale.At Purtill Solicitors we provide a specialist service for anyone considering attending an auction and placing a bid. We examine the title to the property. This is absolutely crucial because
the day you buy is also the day you sell and if the title is not right then selling it in the future could prove costly and time consuming.
if the title is incorrect a bank or lending institution will decline to finance it

For further information and advice or to make an appointment please call Margarita Purtill on 068 28766 or email or info@purtillsolicitors.com